Temperature Controller N960

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Great substitute for the old and obsolete analog controllers for holding extreme simplicity in operation and yet featuring the highly accurate performance of digital technology. The 20 mm high display can be viewed from far away and the big functional keyboard can be operated by users wearing gloves.

• Display: 4 digits, 20 mm, high efficiency
• Input: Thermocouples and Pt100
• Control output: SPST relay and voltage pulse, both available in the basic model
• Optional: 1 relay alarm
• Power: 100-240 Vac/dc or 24 Vdc/ac (Optional)
• Ramp and soak: one controlled ramp and one timed soak are standard
• Auto tuning PID
• Detects any sensor failure
• Easy-to-set programming menu for non-experienced users
• Big size keyboard can be opeated by users wearing gloves
• Keyboard protection by hardware
• Size: 96 x 96 mm, ABS enclosure


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