Temperature Controller N1030

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N1030 is a temperature controller that features a high performance PID algorithm in a compact housing, with only 35 mm depth.
Its compact construction and the convenient detachable connector provide an easy set up on short profile panels,
optimizing the space and reducing costs. It has two outputs always available which can be configured both as a control or an alarm.

• Single Loop PID and ON/OFF controller
• PID auto tuning
• Two independent outputs available
• Dual relay output or 1 pulse and 1 relay versions
• Six alarm functions: LO, HI, differential, differential LO, differential HI, sensor break
• Initial blocking alarm function
• Adjustable alarm hysteresis
• Thermocouples  J, K, T and Pt100 input
• Temperature unit °C or °F
• Decimal place indication
• Configurable setpoints limits
• Password protected configuration
• Factory configuration parameters recovery
• Dual red and green four-digit display 
• Front panel material PC UL94 V-2
• Enclosure material: PC UL94 V-2
• Front panel protecion: IP65
• Operating environment: 0 to 60 ºC, 20 to 80 % RH
• Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 35 mm 
• Power supply: 100 to 240 Vac/dc or 12 to 24 Vdc / 24 Vdc/ac
• Detachable terminal block


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