Basic Main Units


หมวดหมู่ : Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)


  1. ◇:R ─ Relay output;T ─ Transistor SINK(NPN) output, J ─ Transistor SOURCE (PNP) output
  2. Δ:2 ─ built-in RS232 port;U ─ built-in USB port (non-standard)
  3. ◎:AC ─ 100~240VAC power supply, D12 ─ 12VDC power supply, D24 ─ 24VDC power supply
  4. –C:Blank ─ Standard;–C ─ add in RTC
  5. The unmarked frequencies of Digital Input (DI) or Digital Output (DO) are low speed.

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