EPSITRON ® (787 Series) DIN-Rail Adapters

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The 787-896 and 787-897 DIN-Rail Adapters can be used for safe, reliable mounting of EPSITRON® 787-8xx Series devices on DIN-rails.

The 787-896 DIN-Rail Adapter supports both vertical and horizontal mounting of devices. The position of the adapter can be easily changed, as it is mounted by sliding its two single parts in the cooling element's guide slots and then screwing it securely into place.

The 787-897 DIN-Rail Adapter is made of zinc die-cast and is also optimally suited for use in applications subject to constant vibration. The 787-8xx devices can be mounted extremely securely and reliably by pressing them into the guide slots of the cooling element using a tool. The 787-897 DIN-Rail Adapter can also be securely screwed into place at four fastening points, enabling it to be used as a universal carrier rail adapter.


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