EPSITRON ® Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

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With the 787-870 UPS Management Module and the connected battery modules, unpredictable power failures are a thing of the past.

Unpredictable power failures are a nightmare for any machine or equipment operator. If a PLC is suddenly shut down due to a power failure, loss of production data (e.g., formulations or protocols) may follow. To prevent these losses, the Uninterruptible Power Supply, consisting of UPS Charger and Controller (787-870 or 787-875) and one or more connected batteries, reliably power the application for several hours. The charging voltage for the connected battery is temperature-controlled, significantly extending the battery's service life and minimizing maintenance costs. The UPS module supports complete current and voltage monitoring while featuring numerous signaling options via display and RS-232 interface.

Product Features:

  • Reliability via connectors equipped with CAGE CLAMP®
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Mounts easily on DIN carrier rail
  • Configurable isolated signal contact
  • Integrated serial interface
  • Three active signal outputs for watchdog functions
  • Temperature-controlled charging voltage
  • Configuration via display or software
  • LED status indication
  • LCD and function keys


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