Multi-Channel TouchScreen for eNod4, HMI for 1 to 6 eNod4

หมวดหมู่ : Products Electronic Weighing Equipment SCAIME

แบรนด์ : SCAIME


  • Multi-channel Touch screen for eNod4-T/C/D/B/F controllers
  • Color LCD screen, resistive Touch panel
  • Display 5"7, 115x86mm
  • Manage and display of 1 to 6 eNod4 network
  • Simultaneous display of connected eNod4
  • Display of measurement and result values of one selected eNod
  • Full control of  applications
  • Complete eNod4 configuration and calibration
  • Simultaneous operation with eNod4 PLC link
  • RS485 communication port, MODBUS-RTU


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