Temperature Controller N2020

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N2020 PID temperature controller was designed to deliver high accuracy performance while keeping low cost. It features Auto/Manual function  accessible 
via front keypad and several other advanced control characteristics.

• Accepts thermocouples J, K, T and Pt100 RTD
• Outputs: 2 SPST relays, Pulse and optional 4-20 mA
• Dual red and green 4-digit displays
• Sampling rate: 10 measurements per second
• Internal resolution: 15000 levels
• Alarm functions: LO, HI, differential LO and differential HI
•Manual control
• Quick function keypad: ON/OFF/auto/Manual, etc
• PV or SP retransmission in 4-20 mA
• Fail safe function
• Loop Break Detection function
• Ramp and soak functions programming
• Access password for configuration protection
• IP65 UL94 V-2 front;  P20 UL94 V-0 enclosure
• Silicone rubber keypad
• CE and UL certification
• Size: 48 x 96 x 92 mm
• Power: 100~240 Vac/dc ±10%


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