JUMPFLEX ® Power Supplies Powered by EPSITRON ®

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Thanks to their identical contours and the integrated redundancy option, the power supply is perfectly compatible with JUMPFLEX® modules.

WAGO's 787-2852 single-phase power supply with a wide-range input of 100 to 240 VAC is ideally suited to supply both 857 and 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® modules. A common profile enables direct commoning of the output voltage, which significantly reduces the amount of wiring. The power supply is available with a nominal output voltage of 24 VDC and a capacity of 24 W.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Worldwide Applications
Wide-range input, often requires UL/GL approvals and slim design: EPSITRON® Power Supply is ideal for JUMPFLEX® isolation amplifiers/signal conditioners in the most varying applications. The integrated redundancy diode permits parallel connection, allowing for extra power and fail-safe power supply. Furthermore, WAGO's pluggable connection technology provides convenient and cost-effective pre-wiring. The operating status is signaled at all times to the user by the LED and active DC OK signal.

Benefits of EPSITRON® Power Supply:

  • Wide-range input and UL/GL approvals, which are compatible with JUMPFLEX® modules, allow for worldwide applications
  • Common profile enables easy commoning of the output voltage across 857 and 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® Modules
  • Integrated redundancy diode provides fail-safe power supply
  • Convenient pre-wiring via pluggable picoMAX® connection technology

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