EPSITRON ® Capacitive Buffer Modules (787 Series)

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Capacitive buffer modules guarantee trouble-free operation of machines or systems even in the event of brief power supply failures.

Brief power supply failures jeopardize the trouble-free operation of machines/systems. The power supply buffer times of select applications can be considerably extended via capacitive buffer modules. These modules have power reserves that may be required when starting heavy loads or triggering a fuse. The 787-880 and 787-881 Buffer Modules contain completely maintenance-free “gold caps” that store energy and provide output power for 400ms. Buffer times up to several seconds can be easily achieved by connecting the modules in parallel or adjusting the output current.

Product Features:

  • Reliability via connectors equipped with CAGE CLAMP®
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Mounts easily on DIN carrier rail
  • Isolated signal contact
  • LED status indication
  • Parallel operation
  • Configurable switch-on threshold
  • Integrated diodes for decoupling buffered loads from unbuffered loads
  • Maintenance-free, high-energy gold caps
  • Electronic overcurrent and short circuit protection
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