หมวดหมู่ : Electronic Weighing Equipment


BX24 is an accurate, multifunctional weighing terminal which can be used in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial areas. The terminal has configurable operating modes for common weighing applications such as weighing, labelling, piece counting, checkweighing, classifying, dynamic weighing and filling. Depending on the application, 3 programmable keys can be set to related functions for quick and easy operation.
The instrument has 6 memories; ID1 & ID2, preset tare, APW and item limit values; each has 500 records capacity. IDs can be linked to other memory records for fast, easy and reliable operation; when an ID is selected, depending on the operation mode item limit values, specific tare or APW values comes automatically. 
BX24 offers direct connection to remote display, PC and PLCs via various data protocols such as demand, continuous form and BSI command set.


eNod1-T 1,000,000 counts 1,600 meas./s.

eNod3-C 1,000,000 counts 1,600 meas./s.

eNod3-T 1,000,000 counts 1,600 meas./s.

eNod3-D 1,000,000 counts 1,600 meas/s

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